Owner of Elle Affair

About The Company​

When my passion and your vision align, your event is covered! For the last decade my company, Elle affair has exceeded expectations as a master event stylist.

My forte lies within creating lasting moments. Detail and customization positions Elle Affair Events as elite. My brand offers a depth of services and event packages. I continually seek to surpass the expectation of my clientele. I pride myself that Elle Affair is esteemed for producing superb events, specializing in momentous occasions, I have demonstrated the ability to consistently deliver spectacular results.

The enjoyment I experience when sharing my craft with satisfied clients is overly fulfilling and makes my business worthwhile. Let Elle Affair cover your next event.


We gladly plan any type of event. Everything from new life to the after life and everything in between. No matter what your dreams or budget; we can make your vision a reality.

Of course! We’d never dream of trying to plan your event without making sure we know just want you’re looking for and how to proceed. There is a $100 consultation fee that will be waived if you decided to move ahead with the event. If for some reason you decide against using us for your event, the $100 fee will be due at the time of booking the consultation.

An event planner’s primary goal and responsibility is to help you stay focused and organized. We’re here to help you stay on track, refer to you reputable vendors, supply a wealth of resources, and negotiate on your behalf and carry out your vision. In addition to planning your event, if you engage us for services, we will wimbly react to any possible wrinkle that may occur.

The short answer is, no. However, we have worked hard at developing these relationships and we can guarantee the quality of the service of vendors we suggest. However, we are more than happy to work with any vendors you would prefer.

We can certainly provide this service if it is something you are seeking. This will allow you to concentrate of being fully present at your event and not worrying about the behind the scenes operations. This service is billed at the regular hourly rate based on your type of event.

Although it is great to have an on-site coordinator for the day of your event, we will help guide you from your planning beginnings to the day of your event. For those of you who do not have an on-site coordinator, we are happy to take over the role.